High-Rise members and friends worked for two years to bring a young Papua New Guinean woman, Vascolynna, to Australia for life-changing treatment. Vascolynna's jaw was completely fused on one side and partially on the other side, as a result of a condition that causes excess bone growth. 

All the things we take for granted, like cleaning our teeth and eating a normal diet were a problem for Vascolynna.

The operation took place at Brisbane’s Wesley Hospital, with the medical staff performing the operation pro bono, and her travel and accommodation taken care of by Brisbane High-Rise. 

High-Rise member Dr John Arvier operated on Vascolynna as a 3 year old in 2003, to treat the condition. In 2019 he provided assistance lead surgeon Dr Geoff Findlay.

The club is hoping to assist other international patients over the coming year.