The TSS Maheno is a New Zealand Hospital Ship that collected injured Australians and New Zealanders from Anzac beach in 1915 and transported them to Britain where they could get the care needed. The proud wreck of the NZ Hospital ship Maheno has been resting on the beach of Fraser Island, Queensland, since 1935.
The Rotary Club of Brisbane High-Rise has organised a number of events in recognition of the ship's service in the first World War and ANZAC.  These include a service in Maheno, NZ, for the Armistice Day 100 year anniversary (in 2018) and annual ANZAC day services at the site on Fraser Island.  Students from the primary school in Maheno together with the school community and representatives from the NZ and Australia Defense Forces travel to the island for the celebrations. 
Brisbane High-Rise has also been involved in projects to install commemorative plaques at both Fraser Island and the Maheno Cenotaph and to replicate the original ship's bell.
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