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The Rotary Club of Brisbane High-Rise welcomes visitors. To attend our Club meetings please contact the Club via the Apologies/Visitor Notification email link towards the bottom of the Contact page.



The ROTARY Club of Brisbane High-Rise.
District 9600
Breakfast Club
Meetings Thursdays 7:00am for 7:30am to 8:30am.

Change of venue: Meetings no longer held at Polo Club!

New Venue:  Marriott Hotel, 515 Queen Street Brisbane

General Club Information

A limited amount of pre booked Valet Parking is available at the Marriott Hotel. Paid street parking usually available in nearby Howard Street.

Guest Notification:
For planning purposes please notify us if you intend to visit.
Members who are bringing guests, are asked to notify the Club via the Apologies email, by 7am each Tuesday. The Apologies email link can be found towards the bottom of the Contact page.


Dress Rules:
Minimum dress standards apply: Smart casual or business attire.

Mobile phones:
We ask that mobile phones be switched off throughout the meeting.

What in the World is ROTARY?

YouTube Video:
A video produced by the Rotary Club of Lane Cove, NSW, Australia featuring renowned Australian newsreader Mr Roger Climpson, himself a Rotarian. Duration approx 9 minutes.


This is ROTARY

YouTube Video:
A video produced by Rotary International. Duration approx 4 minutes.


A Message to Visitors

If you've stumbled upon our website and are wondering what Rotary actually is, let me give you the short version. A little over a hundred years a Chicago lawyer found he only ever got to speak and deal with people from his own profession, so he began meeting regularly for lunch with people who worked in a different profession or business.

This informal group soon began to take on projects in the community and beyond. From these humble beginnings Rotary has grown into an organisation of 1.2 million women and men, in over 210 countries. They still continue to enjoy the opportunity to serve the world community in ways that the small group in Chicago could never have envisaged all those years ago.

Rotary achieves - we don't just talk about it. We do it. For example we sponsor post-graduate scholars from all around the world and we create and fund International professional exchanges and student exchanges. These initiatives have given thousands upon thousands of people the opportunity to live, work and study all over the globe. As their careers have developed and many have become significant community and world leaders, they have carried with them the fruit of that international experience. Also when things go tragically wrong in the world, Rotary is always there. Rotary works hard behind the scenes, making the critically important and practical things happen.

In the mid-1980s, Rotary decided to rid the world of the scourge of Polio. It's been a massive project, tough and expensive. The annual number of cases world wide is now down to the number that afflicted a small city in Australia in the 1950's. We'll have that job done by the middle of the decade.

I hope our website will inspire you to help us with our humanitarian activities through attendance and participation at our Club.

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More information can be found in the Members' Area and the Club's weekly bulletin Hot Air.

Member's Area

The latest copy of Hot Air can be downloaded from the Home page.


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