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The Rotary Club of Brisbane High-Rise has successfully launched an automated reminder system to assist Members with their Apologies/Visitor Notification. This is a free service for Members.

Each week an email reminder such as the one displayed below will be sent to a Member's email address. If you are not receiving them please contact the Webmaster via the Contact page.

If you have already sent an apology for the week and then receive a reminder, you can safely ignore the reminder. As the system is automated, most reminders are scheduled a week in advance. The reminder email will usually contain a button or link to assist with your response, if necessary. If you plan to attend the meeting there is no need to respond. If you are bringing guests please indicate the number in your email. For example "I am bringing X number of guests this week."

You may be liable for payment for each Meeting missed without an apology being lodged before the deadline.

Your Weekly Notification Deadline: 7am Wednesday

If you no longer wish to receive the automated reminders, simply select the unsubscribe link in the reminder message. Alternatively send a request to the Webmaster. Similarly, if you wish to re-subscribe or have a question, please email the Webmaster via the Contact page.


Note: Occasionally the Automated Reminder System will be taken down for maintenance without warning. A reminder may not be issued during that period.

Graphic depicting typical Apology Reminder Message

Brisbane Polo Club


Apologies/Visitor Notification

As you would be aware, there is a requirement for Members to notify our Rotary Club each week if not attending a breakfast meeting or are bringing along guests. This is to assist with catering, seating, planning etc….for the meetings. The Club incurs a cost if the planned number of attendees fails to arrive. Similarly problems arise if an unexpected number of members/guests arrive unannounced. Whilst it is always good to see more people at the meetings, staff behind the scenes need to have prior notice to prepare.

Members who are unable to attend meetings, or who are bringing guests are asked to notify the Club via the Apologies/Visitor Notification email, by 7am each Wednesday. The Apologies/Visitor Notification email link can be found towards the bottom of the Contact page.


Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to seeing you at our next meeting.

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